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Hello and Welcome 



The love of my life and my true passion is and always has been Architecture.

Since the age of 15 I have been fascinated by architecture, studying it all over the world.


I am an Architect (B.arch)
Bezalel Academy of art & design Jerusalem 2005 
After a period of almost a decade working as an Architect in architectural firms and offices,
I have decided to dedicate my professional life’s work
to Artistic Photography of Architecture.
I have been passionately photographing Architecture for 12 years now,
 exhibited in14 exhibitions and there is much more work waiting patiently to be exposed .

My passion is revealing the truth of structure,

capturing its essence,

unleashing it’s secrets and expressing its statement. 

I try to connect to the first sketch, the first idea born in an architect's mind

before it became a full grown building.



When I photograph Architecture it feels as if I am capturing music.

This is where I dance! 

Mass and space, light and shadow, , movement and stillness 

These are the materials that tell the story of  Architecture.

Through my lens they come together in perfect harmony. 



Human beings have always looked for inspiration.

We seek  to grow, to overcome and evolve, to  advance and excel -  to be more.

My wish is to take people with me on a journey , hopefully touching them on an intellectual , spiritual and emotional level, 

reaching architecture from a different angle than we experience in everyday life.



I truly believe that Art has the ability and the responsibility to uplift the human spirit,

taking it to a new level of harmony and peace,

connecting us humans to be inspired by the Divine

and therefore, to Heal.


       “It is not the eye that sees, it's the soul “   René Descartes



Sincerely  yours

Adva Baram 

" Baram is considered one of the most significant artists in Israel. 

Her work is a unique combination of complex intellect and expressive innovative vision,

touching fields that haven't been quested so far.  

Baram's research is a great contribution to the advancement of Art and Architecture worldwide."

Dr. Nissan N. Perez /  Photography historian ,consultant  ,curator

 Department of photography Israel museum Jerusalem 

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