" Baram is considered one of the most significant artists in Israel. 

Her work is a unique combination of complex intellect and expressive innovative vision,

touching fields that haven't been quested so far.  

Baram's research is a great contribution to the advancement of Art and Architecture."

Dr. Nissan N. Perez /  Photography historian ,consultant  ,curator

 Department of photography Israel museum Jerusalem 

Welcome to my Gallery 

I am Adva Baram, I am an Architect.

(B.arch Bezalel Academy of art & design Jerusalem 2005 )

Over the last 10 years my focus and work is dedicated to Architectural Photography.

My passion is revealing the truth of structure,

capturing its essence, telling its story.

In my work I deal with light, mass and space.

I also deal with people, public vectors and movement, destruction and growth. 

These are the materials that tell the story of architecture.

When I photograph architecture I feel as if I am capturing music. 

I seek the balance in every frame.

I find  that harmony lays everywhere,

even in seemingly non places.

" It is not the eye that sees , it is the soul." Rene' Descartes 

To expand and empower humans vision on architecture and its importance in evolving our way of life.

To search and research the symbiosis between human life and its physical forms.

Adva N. Baram



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